The Story

Smithavens Brewing Company is a family owned and operated craft brewery located in Peterborough, ON in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes Region. We specialize in traditional European beers, using premium malts, hops, and yeasts and brewing in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and the best taste.

The Smithavens brewery is visitor friendly. Stop by our brewery and enjoy a glass in our beautiful and comfortable tasting room overlooking the brewery. Educational tours and tastings are available.

Also, since beer always tastes better straight from the brewery, we have a retail store for you to purchase beer to take home or to the cottage. Our beer is sure to satisfy tourists and neighbours alike.

Our brewery is owned and operated by members of the Smith family.




Randy’s favourite pastime is cooking on his Big Green Egg and pairing beers with his creations. He believes this is what allows him to keep his great figure. For some reason, he also finds it therapeutic to drive around the province in a van with kegs rolling around in the back?



Finance Guru

Known to her long-time friends as “Kelly, Kelly” (reference to a Cheers episode), Kelly is a Chartered Professional Accountant who oversees the finance, admin. and the stuff that other people really don’t want to do.



IT / Distribution

Ron decided to try the Brewery business after 33 years in I.T. Very busy ‘retirement’, but interesting. He helps with distribution and many other task, a jack-of-all trades but a master of none. Ron is know as Uncle Ron (29+ nephews & nieces, 27 great ones, and one lovely little great, great niece).



Graham is a Professional Engineer of Ontario but has a passion for all things craft beer especially the tasting part.